It’s true that everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the transportation industry. When it comes to right-of-way acquisitions or any type of land research, we are the go-to title research firm for transportation-related transactions – both in Texas and several other states. Although we are based in San Antonio, we provide title research services for national clients.

In many cases, transportation projects involve funding from local, state or federal entities. During a right-of-way acquisition, it’s vitally important that entities correctly identify all issues surrounding land acquisition, including comprehensive title searches, identifying all possible interests in land and/or buildings, mapping a history of land transfers and deeds of sale and much more.

Hollerbach & Associates has extensive title research experience in all 254 Texas counties. Our professionals know and understand how the laws and customs differ in each county, as well as how each county stores and disperses relevant information. We pride ourselves on finding all relevant material in an accurate, timely and secure manner.

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