Title Search, Abstracting, Land Research, Settlement Services San Antonio, Texas, and Beyond

The world of land and title research is constantly changing. Nowhere is that more evident than the great State of Texas. Since 1985, Hollerbach & Associates has met those new challenges, with our clients continuing to benefit. Our customers are our only priority, and we serve them by delivering fast and accurate information. Our clients’ goals are our goals as well. For more than 30 years, we have valued and cultivated close client relationships throughout the country and within our industry. Using the latest technologies, our professional work teams provide the highest level of service while delivering information quickly and accurately. Although we maintain a long-term focus, we also have the flexibility to adapt to the changing market. Above all, we pride ourselves on our integrity and our dedication to delivering the very best real property information products.

  • Serving Companies in Texas and Beyond – Mortgage and Real Estate Related Firms

    Hollerbach & Associates provides title and settlement services for firms across Texas’ 254 counties and beyond. We work with title insurance underwriters and agents, law firms, developers, national, regional and community banks, mortgage lenders and more.

  • The Transportation Industry

    It’s true that everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the transportation industry. When it comes to right-of-way acquisitions or any type of land research, we are the go-to title research firm for transportation-related transactions—both in Texas as well as several other states. We are an abstracting company based in San Antonio that also serves national clients.

  • The Oil, Gas, and Alternative Energy Industries

    Hollerbach & Associates knows Texas better. That’s why we’re first on the list of preferred partners in oil and gas related transactions. You’ll also find us in many other mineral states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, the Dakotas, Louisiana, Colorado, and almost any other state where the energy industry—including water, solar and wind resources—has a need for land research.