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Hollerbach & Associates provides title research services for firms across Texas’ 254 counties and beyond. We work with title insurance underwriters and agents, law firms, developers, national, regional and community banks, mortgage lenders and more. Since 1985, we’ve been focused on providing comprehensive and accurate research to our clients. We have a mission to not only maintain the integrity of title searches, but to deliver them quickly and professionally. Our expert researchers adhere to the highest standards of professional responsibility.

You need the tools to make smart decisions, whether you are lending, developing, representing in a court of law or underwriting. As a trusted title research partner in your endeavors, Hollerbach & Associates can put our depth of knowledge and experience to work for you to help maximize time and money.

As we like to say: This ain’t our first rodeo! With Hollerbach & Associates, you will know that you are getting the most extensive and best experience in Texas title searches available. Contact us today.