alt energy title research

If you are considering buying property with an eye towards producing alternative energy – whether for personal use or to sell – be sure to learn of the local laws and restrictions. At Hollerbach & Associates, we have been experts on title searches for customers who are exploring alternative and renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, for many years.

In Texas, we are fortunate to have a variety of locations that are conducive to producing wind and solar energy. In fact, there are numerous areas already fully established as successful alternatives to traditional energy sources.

For commercial solar energy farms, there are acreage minimums and other requirements such as relatively flat land that is not too close to city centers or high density populations. Wind energy endeavors have seen an uptick since wind turbine prices dramatically decreased. You’ll see wind turbines all around our state – from the windy gulf coast to the blowing plains of North Texas and West Texas.

Hollerbach & Associates also provides Right-of-Way support for projects financed by entities to include pipelines, bridges, roads, dams and more. We are experienced in providing superior land research services for electrical transmission lines, as well.

At Hollerbach & Associates, you’ll find experienced, title search professionals ready to help. Contact us today.