we know texas

Texas is known for its wide-open spaces and friendly people. At Hollerbach & Associates, we’ve made it our priority to proudly say “We Know Texas Better”  - because we do!


Along with pickup trucks, barbecue and great music, the property options in Texas are almost endless. From the sprawling South Texas 825,000-acre King Ranch to a wind farm in North or West Texas and everywhere in between, Hollerbach & Associates can provide accurate, in-depth and fast title research and abstracting.

It’s not just the regulation of home lending in Texas that is unique. With 254 counties, there is significant variation across the State in property record-keeping. It takes a company well-versed in local regulation and local experience to manage the unique challenges presented by this great state. Hollerbach & Associates guides national lenders and settlement services firms through these complexities with special, in-depth training by qualified local instructors.

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Hollerbach & Associates is an approved vendor for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, U.S. Justice Department and its respective agencies, Small Business Administration, the Texas General Land Office and the Texas Attorney General.


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