oil gas land research

At Hollerbach & Associates, “We Know Texas Better". That’s why we’re frequently first on the list of preferred title research partners in oil and gas related transactions. You’ll also find us in many other mineral-rich states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, the Dakotas, Louisiana, Colorado, and almost any other state where the energy industry – including water, solar and wind resources – has a need for land research.

Mineral rights and oil and gas transactions typically involve large financial investment and are complex. At Hollerbach & Associates, we’ve provided title searches for many large and small oil and gas companies’ transactions with success. Due to the competitive nature of the oil and gas industry, you can rest assured that your potential investment will remain your business. Because we have a reputation for fast and extremely accurate title search work, you can move quickly.

Contact us today to find out how Hollerbach & Associates can help with title research work for your oil and gas business.