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Abstracts & Observations: O&G Marching Along in Texas…

The mortgage and real estate market may be struggling a bit right now, but many of us in Texas are staying busy with the oil and gas boom fueled (yes, pun intended) by the Barnett and Eagle Ford Shales. For land research firms like Hollerbach & Associates, that means working on due diligence of mineral assets; mineral exceptions and convergences of trusts, amongst other things. That’s one of the beautiful things about Texas. Our economy is not a one-trick pony. Although our housing market may be a bit slow at the moment, we are able to rely on the drive for new energy sources, a growing population and a business friendly government, which allows for a good amount of diversity in the types of economic engines here. Nonetheless, we’re expecting a bounce back sooner or later in the residential real estate market (especially if we continue to grow as we are). In the meantime, there’s plenty of work to go around in O&G!

Abstracts & Observations: Would the economy improve if we just turned off the news for a while?

I know the economy isn’t hitting on all cylinders right now. I know that we all have to work a little harder these days. But I can’t help but wonder how much our economy stutters when the media chooses to focus on the negative day after day. I’ve heard that the stock market, in particular, is as much psychology as science. Investors work with numbers, statistics and….hunches. “Confidence” is so important to our economy that the Consumer Confidence Index is actually a key economic indicator. But I can’t imagine many out there feel confident in making investments or purchases right now when they’re bombarded with negative reports and, worse, commentary. This is not to suggest that the media shouldn’t cover these things. However, we all know that how it’s covered, how often it’s covered, and how it’s analyzed by the talking heads has a real impact on the viewer.I, for one, would like to hear a little good news now and then. It’s out there. We’re just not hearing about it.

Abstracts & Observations: An invitation to get involved.

Well, it’s that time again. The Legislature of the State of Texas will be convening for its regular session this January. And of course, this fall will bring election season. Now, I know that this tends to elicit skeptical remarks and a generally cynical attitude on the part of the general electorate. Perhaps some of our elected leaders (here and nationally) have earned that.

But I’d ask all of us to consider just how important the political process is in our lives. We can choose to ignore or criticize it from afar, which is the easy way out, as far as I’m concerned. That usually allows for the worst possible results. Or we can get involved. We still live in a democratic republic. Skepticism aside, we can still make a difference. At the minimum, get educated on the issues impacting your life by using more than political advertisements and water cooler conversation. Make your voice heard. And if you don’t like something, get involved! That, in my humble opinion, is the Texan’s way.