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The Incredibly Detailed World of Abstracting

The Incredibly Detailed World of Abstracting

The purchase of a piece of property is an extensive process that involves a multitude of professionals, property inspections, a survey, appraisal, and often a title abstract. This comprehensive, detailed report is usually performed by the title company, and is one of the many documents required to close the sale of a property and transfer title to the new owner. The title abstract is undeniably the authority on information about a property's title.  

Texas Plats, Maps and Tax Records

West Texas

Researching property history, especially Texas property history, can be a daunting task. Amongst Texas's 254 counties, there is a lot of variety in terms of how property records are recorded and archived. One of the first steps to understanding the work we do at Hollerbach & Associates is understanding the basics of each county's record-keeping techniques and documentation. We want our clients to be informed on how to interpret their property history to minimize risk.