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Abstracts & Observations: What we’ve learned in 25 years serving the mortgage industry

It’s hard to believe that Hollerbach & Associates opened its doors for the first time almost 3 decades ago. Now that makes me feel old! In 1985, a 30 year fixed mortgage could run some borrowers over 12 percent. Countrywide had just gone public, and the industry was on the verge of a secondary market spurred down-cycle. “Freddy” and “Fannie” did not quite mean the same things that they do today.

I guess the moral of the story is that this is a cyclical industry. Good times are always followed by bad. Bad times will always come to an end. But if I‘ve learned anything in my first 25 years as owner of Hollerbach & Associates, it’s that good business happens when one works with good people. We’ll continue to work with, and seek out, good, honest people to deliver our products. And we’re confident that this is the approach that will see firms like ours through to the next “up-cycle.” After all, it’s worked for the first 25 years.

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