Understanding Texas

Texas lending laws, a different breed

Texas is a fertile and consistent market for real estate transactions both in times of national recession and during economic booms. It is also a vast state regulated by extremely complex home lending laws. Although home equity lending had been barred by a generations-old provision in the Texas Constitution, we proudly worked for over two decades with lenders’ groups and our state legislators to finally enact home equity lending legislation in Texas. And, home equity will continue to be a topic our Texas legislature will deliberate for years to come. Today, at both the national and state levels, we are seeing a rapid transformation of mortgage lending and related laws and regulations. We will continue to stay abreast of these changes to determine how they might affect your business. We’ll also do our part to fight for a regulatory environment that favors free markets and equality under the law.


Special training

It’s not just the regulation of home lending in Texas that is unique. With 254 counties, there is significant variation across Texas in local and county customs and record-keeping. It takes a company well-versed in local regulation and local experience to manage the unique challenges presented by this great state. Hollerbach & Associates guides national lenders and settlement services firms through these complexities with special, in-depth training by qualified local instructors.


Active Member Of:

Texas Land Title Association
American Land Title Association
Texas Bar Association-Paralegal Division
Texas Bankers Association
American Association of Professional Landmen
San Antonio Association of Petroleum Landmen
Title Appraisal Vendor Management Association
Public Record Retriever Network
National Association of Land Title Examiners & Abstractors


Hollerbach & Associates is an approved vendor for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, U.S. Justice Department and its respective agencies, Small Business Administration, the Texas General Land Office and the Texas Attorney General.